Enzymes and improvers

Promix offers a range of products to support flour mills, biscuits and (semi) -industrial bakeries: Depending on the intended quality and functional value of the flour or the final product, our enzymes (pure or in blends) and our improvers can be added: in flour production, bread preparation, viennoiserie, pasta, pizza dough, ...


Bread improvers and enzymes are used for different purposes:

Workability of the dough
Process tolerance
Process simplification (shortening the baking time)
Improving taste and structure
Preservation of freshness
Optimization of color and shine
Crack reduction

In addition to our 'standard' products, we also offer tailor-made, specialized and personalized enzyme complexes through our own 'MAAKT' label, supported by flour analyzes and baking tests.

Our markets

Our products can be used in many food sectors. We made a brief subdivision to help you on your way.

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Our applications

Are you looking for ingredients for your gluten-free product? Or do you prefer vegan? We follow current trends in health and nutrition.

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