Non GMO soy products

Now that transparency, quality and nutritional value are becoming increasingly important in terms of nutrition and health, people are making more conscious choices about certain foods. Replacing animal proteins with vegetable proteins is an often heard dietary advice, if you want to eat less calories. Our range is ideal for use in a healthy and balanced diet.

Soy has proven to be an ideal supplier of vegetable proteins. Through our partner, an Austrian family business certified to the highest standards, we offer an extensive range of non-GMO full soy products for the food industry. This range of premium soy products has been grown without the use of genetic engineering. A demanding and selective approach, from culture to processing, with the aim of preserving the nutritional value of the vegetable proteins as much as possible.

Our soy products are used for protein enrichment in bread mixes, grains and snacks. In addition, soy is used as a functional protein in meat substitute products, in processed food, soups and sauces.

Gamme Soja01


100 % NON- GMO
Certified to the highest standards
Natural, plant-based proteins
From regional cultivation

Our markets

Our products can be used in many food sectors. We made a brief subdivision to help you on your way.

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Our applications

Are you looking for ingredients for your gluten-free product? Or do you prefer vegan? We follow current trends in health and nutrition.

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