Promix specializes in the natural product lecithin, a unique raw material that can be extracted from soybeans, sunflower and rapeseed. It is used as a natural emulsifier in many foods. It acts as a stabilizer, for softness in bread and as an anti-splash agent in margarines.

Types of lecithin

Promix offers a range of lecithin products that differ based on the degree of purification of the raw material. The products are available in different physical forms: liquid, powder and granulate. They each have their specific properties depending on the intended application.

The lecithin is in accordance with the description in the Codex Alimentarius and the European regulations regarding food additives (E322).

The soybeans from which our lecithin is extracted are not genetically modified. This is certified by Foodchain ID. Proof that no GMO material is present is demonstrated by a batch PCR analysis.


Our markets

Our products can be used in many food sectors. We made a brief subdivision to help you on your way.

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Our applications

Are you looking for ingredients for your gluten-free product? Or do you prefer vegan? We follow current trends in health and nutrition.

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